Intermediate Tap Barre - Shuffles, Scuffles, Riffles w/turn

Serious tap dancing barre practice includes fast, precise work for building technique and stamina.  Here, we complete shuffles, scuffles, and riffles.  We perform a ballchange toe heel turn to go to the other side.  If you aren't quite ready for that break, you can omit the toe and simple do a ballchange turn. 

Intermediate Tap Floorwork Combo - "Cincinnati"

  • R back brush (some call this a spank) 
  • L heel drop
  • R shuffle (a la seconde)
  • L heel drop
  • R step (or toe-heel, or flap heel)
  • Repeat reversed to the other side.
  • Here, I challenge [myself and] you to control the movement, to CHOOSE directionals and adjust your brushes/spanks accordingly.