comments/reviews: tdf studio b kids' dance classes

ALL TIED UP: Teaching technique in Beginning Ballet (for ages 6-11)

parent of four dancers

"Amazing! The way you handle all the different kids and their personalities is just amazing."

aunt of a dancer

"The studio is so comfortable for kids, and they know it was built for them.  What you do here is just magical."

Parent of a dancer

"You teach them REAL steps, no matter how young they are.  She gets to really dance."

parent of two dancers

"We are so grateful you are here, and you are so wonderful with all the kids.  The way you teach them and show them patience is why they're willing to work so hard for you. "

grandparent of a tap and ballet dancer

"You've created a monster! She is constantly doing tap on the kitchen floor at home, and she almost knocked over a display at the grocery store when she was working on her kicks and turns!  Before coming to this studio, she didn't really have any specific interests.  Now, dance is the first thing she thinks about when she wakes up and the last thing she thinks about when she goes to sleep."

COMMENTS/REVIEWS: tdf studio b Adult dance CLASSES



 "I've always wanted to try tap and finally get to do it here!  My legs were so sore after the first class.  I don't think people realize what a good workout tap dancing is." 


 "I searched and searched for a studio that taught ballet to adults and finally found one right where I live! It's wonderful!" 


 "I never thought I'd be able to tap again, let alone at this level." 

adult intermediate ballet dancer

"I've wanted to get back in to ballet for so many years.  It feels so good to dance again!  I'm so glad you're here now."

Adult participant: intro to social dance

"I didn't think you'd be able to help me find the beat, let alone really partner up and dance.  I had a lot of fun.  I'll be back for another lesson."




 "I've never done anything like this before, but this was really fun!  You made it easy to follow.  I will definitely be back as often as I can." 


  "After my stroke, I didn't think I would be able to move like this again.  Letting me use a chair and the extra beam means that I can finally be active again, which makes me feel so much better."  

adult zumbA Toning participant

"You about killed me with the glutes and leg work.  But it's exactly what I need.  I do a lot of cardio, but this is more a full-body workout than what I do to sweat on my own."

inspire fitness beginner

"I love that you have a class that's set to all Christian music!  It's so upbeat and fun to dance to!  I was humming the songs after class."

COMMENTS/REVIEWS: american red cross certification courses


group backpacking leader - wfa

"This was a really great class.  I have taken Wilderness First Aid from a different organization and didn't think I'd get much out of today, but it was really informative! The hands-on tips you gave me made me re-think what I should be taking on all my hikes."

Backpacker - wfa and cpr

"You are a really great teacher.  I didn't realize how much I took for granted as far as what I thought I knew, having lived out here all my life. I liked how you helped us figure out the answers for ourselves."

NPO event Volunteer - CPR, 1st Aid, Blood-Borne Pathogens, Epi Pen

"Your practical approach was really useful and made me feel like I could really help someone if I needed to." 

hiking group leader - wfa

"It was really helpful to run through all the scenarios and getting to experience more realistic emergencies, getting to make those mistakes and practice now means that I will be better able to help if we have any emergencies on the mountain."

hiker and camping group leader - wfa and cpr

"This was like a wilderness decathlon!  I needed to experience these things and not just read about them.  I've taken these courses before, and we only got out of the book for a few minutes, so I didn't remember much.  I will remember this class for good, especially if, God forbid, I ever need to."

school teacher - cpr and first aid

"Thank you for doing this!  I really liked the pacing of this class.  I've taken it before, but there were some things that I don't remember going over with the other teachers, and some of the skills and facts I'd forgotten."