Beginning Tap Warmup: Toe tips & taps, shuffles at the barre

This warm-up helps brand new tappers become familiar with basic terminology, sounds, rhythms, and body positions. It is a great place to start for most ages of beginning tap dance students. 

Basic Tap Dance Barre Warm-up for Intermediate Beginners

This is our standard barre warm-up used for Older Littles through Adults who have had at least a month on tap with me in order to become somewhat familiar with the steps.  They include toe taps, shuffles and shuffle combinations.  This has mostly visual cues.

Basic Tap - Beginning the "Alexander" or "Broadway"

This video takes students from the basics up to a combination walk.  We start with R flap (brush step) and L heel R heel.  We repeat that on the reverse side.  Then we extend it to the move to the side: R flap to side, R heel L heel, R flap back toward standing leg, L heel R heel. Repeat entire combo on reverse side.

This is preparation for the "Shirley Temple," AKA "Broadway" or "Alexander" - R flap L heel R heel, L brush R heel, L toe R heel.