Welcome to Wild West Adventure Arts Camp!

Wild WAAC is an arts day camp offered periodically to elementary school students.  Please email if your organization or family group would like to schedule session.

At camp, we introduce kids to visual, performing, martial, and survival arts.

Day Camp Registration & Information

Download Wild WAAC information and registration forms.  Forms may be emailed to TrinityDanceFit@gmail.com or brought by TDFS B.

About Camp



Programming may vary but will include a balance of free play time and organized workshops designed to introduce you child to Visual, Performing, Martial, and Survival Arts: ART (depends on interest and resources; may include photography, painting, drawing, textile arts, and crafts,) DANCE (hip hop, funk, ballet, jazz, tap dance class, depending on regularly scheduled classes and interest,) MUSIC (drums, instruments, etc.,) beginning SELF-DEFENCE (including commonly-used kicks, punches, avoidance and softening techniques,) CPR/1ST AID (intro to basic CPR, injury recognition, avoidance, wound dressing, etc..) As part of our first aid unit, we include science lessons on blood-borne pathogens that includes properly using microscopes! 

R & R may include reading, games, group activities, and up to two movies appropriate to theme and age.


  Drop-off and Pick-up times are flexible between 8am and 6pm.Wild WAAC begins accepting kids, ages 4ish to 12ish, at 8am. Structured activities begin at 8:30. Children must be picked up before 6pm to avoid late charges. Students that are not picked up prior to the end of camp may also be adopted by the teacher or put to use scrubbing toilets with their tooth brushes. 

We can’t guarantee space for drop-ins.


  Kids should wear comfortable clothes that they can work out in and get paint or goo on (just in case!) Layers are advised (such as a sweatshirt over a shirt,) and socks are a must. Clean, slick-soled tennis shoes are appreciated and may be worn in lieu of dance shoes during camp performing arts classes.



Wild WAAC is $60/day per camper ($50 for siblings,) $35 per half day. No other proration is available. Payment must be made at, or prior to, pick-up. Prepayment is appreciated and available via cash, check, or card at the studio or on www.trinitydancefit.com/epay. TDF dancers, whose classes fall during camp hours on a day for which her/his attendance has been paid for, received $10 off camp. 


FOOD- We may dance and sing to: “The Lunch Lady Blues,” but that’s as close as we come to being one. Please pack nonperishable lunch, morning and afternoon snacks, and make sure your child has had a good breakfast before Wild WAAC. We do not feed wildlife. [We can hardly afford to feed our own.]

NOTE: The instructor is highly allergic to bananas, including the oils in the peels. They are not allowed.

WATER BOTTLE- Please send your student with a refillable water bottle labeled with his/her name. 

ELECTRONICS- NONE!!!!!! We do not allow children to be on electronics while at Wild WAAC and will not be responsible for any lost, broken, or stolen gadgets of any kind (and that includes watches, phones, and toys.

  DANCE SHOES (NOT required) - If your child has a pair of tap [or other dance] shoes, he or she may bring them. Used, new, & discounted shoes are available at TDFS and allowed but not required for camp.

RE: MEDICATIONS – Do not send medication with your child! We are not equipped to store, administer, or supervise the administration of medications. If your child has such medical needs, please plan to stop by the studio at the proper time so that you can administer any medications yourself. We do have an epi pen on hand; if your child has any known allergies, please let us know, and we’ll do our best to keep him/her away from the allergen (although we can’t guarantee containment.) We will ask for your permission to administer Benadryl if need is indicated, and an epi pen if symptoms progress. Note: Our policy is to call for emergency medical services if an epi seems to be needed.


To pre-register, download form and email or bring it to TDFS, OR email trinitydancefit@gmail.com with your intention to attend.